National Anthem Bill Withdrawn

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UPDATE:  State Senator Vaneta Becker says she did not withdraw her National Anthem bill, but the Senate Education Committee Chairman did.  The chairman did not give a reason for not bringing the bill up for a vote.  Becker does say the bill is likely dead for this session of the General Assembly.   Even though Becker took some criticism for introducing the bill, she says she mainly did it to raise awareness on the issue. 

Hoosiers who sing the National Anthem poorly, can continue singing the National Anthem poorly.  
State Senator Vaneta Becker of Evansville has withdrawn her bill that would have levied fines on people who intentionally change the tune or lyrics to the National Anthem.  The bill would not have necessarily fined people who just do a bad job singing the song.
Becker has not said why she pulled the bill, but she did so just before the Senate Education Committee was getting ready to vote on it.  A spokesperson says the bill is likely dead for this session of the General Assembly.
The Evansville Republican says she introduced the bill after several veterans groups approached her to compalain about what they saw as disrespect in the way the National Anthem was presented.
Becker’s bill would not have covered all venues, but it would have covered events such as high school sporting programs.

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