CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Teen escapes attempted abduction in New York

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NEW YORK (GMA/ABC) – An incredible kidnapping escape is caught on camera in New York.

Police say the 13-year-old victim was walking home from school Tuesday afternoon when a man started following her.

Then just steps from her door — the man starts running after the teen.

Surveillance cameras from the family’s home captured the entire struggle.

The teen told police the man grabbed her and put his hand over her mouth.

She was able to get away and bang on her door for help.

“This little girl did do everything right. When a child is able to get away, it’s because it’s something that they did that was proactive. Kicking, screaming, drawing attention, making noise–that’s exactly what this girl did in this case. She did everything she could to get away from this guy. She really acted quickly.”

Just 24 hours late police arrested the suspect with the help of those surveillance videos.

Tips for your kids

Now experts say 80-percent of the time when a child escapes an abduction it is because of something they did.

As parents we need to talk to our kids early and often about what to do in a kidnapping scenario.

When you speak to your children do so in a calm, non-threatening manner.

Try not to frighten them.

Speak openly about safety issues.

Practice what you talk about and find opportunities to practice “what if” scenarios.

Now this is one many don’t think about, but don’t forget your older kids because children between 11 and 17 are equally at-risk to victimization.

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(This story was originally published on July 5, 2019)

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