Department of Defense officials defend Trump’s military spending budget

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The top officials at the Defense Department defend the President’s military budget request on Capitol Hill.

Lawmakers want to know where the $750 billion will be spent, and how the department intends to deal with ongoing issues like substandard military housing.

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan says the proposed budget boosts missile supplies and strengthens the military.

“Includes both double digit increases in both space and cyber.”

But living conditions and upgrades to military facilities is what Senator Tim Kaine says should be the priority.

“Mold water damage poor, shoddy construction.”

Lawmakers worry money for a border wall will take away funds to fix housing problems and other military construction projects.

“Ransack the Pentagon budget for $6.1 billion I think we’re entitled to know where the money might come from.”

Defense leaders say it’s unclear which projects could be affected but defend the proposed budget plan.

“Military construction at the border will not come at the expense of our people.”

Defense leaders say the proposed budget includes nearly two billion dollars to help with hurricane damage at military facilities.

But that money and the funding for the border wall is a drop in the bucket of the $750 billion plan.

Lawmakers on both sides want to make sure taxpayer dollars don’t go to waste.

Senator David Perdue wants assurance smart investments are made.

“What opportunities do we have for efficiencies and better use of capital in the military.”

Military officials say they want to be more efficient on the battlefield, and that starts with efficient spending.

“No adversary can be as damaging to military readiness as budget instability.”

Congress has until the end of September to reach a funding deal for next year.

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(This story was originally published on March 14, 2019)

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