Police: Texas gunman called FBI 15 minutes before shooting

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ODESSA, Tx. (CNN) – On Monday federal officials shared more about the shooter behind Saturday’s rampage in Texas.

Authorities confirmed the gunman lost his job the morning of the shooting.

But they say they don’t believe the shooting happened because of that.

Fifteen minutes before 36-year-old Seth Ator engaged in a deadly shooting spree, he called a FBI National tipline with a rambling, incoherent series of complaints.

The gunman had been fired from a truck driving job earlier in the day and also called 911 but left the office before police arrived.

Even before being fired law enforcement said he was starting to spiral.

“He showed up to work in a very distressed mental state. So it’s not because he got fired. This did not happen because he was fired, which other active shooters have occurred. When he showed up to work, he was already enraged.”

There are also troubling questions about where the gunman obtained the assault style rifle used to randomly murder 7 people and wound at least 23 others in Odessa, Texas.

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Investigators say the gunman failed a background check but still somehow managed to obtain the firearm.

Investigators have not revealed why the shooter failed the background check.

“ATF in partnership with the FBI, DPS and all the other federal and local agencies are aggressively following up on the source of the supply from the firearm in this.”

A local law enforcement source tells CNN, Ator was fired from his job as a truck driver just before he went on the west Texas rampage.

Authorities say the gunman shot and killed U.S. Postal Carrier Mary Granados before taking her mail truck and continuing the shooting spree through the city.

Mary was on the phone with her twin sister when the shooting erupted.

“She was screaming so I was hoping it could have been a dog bite, but it wasn’t. It was something worse.”

The call then went silent.

“She was laying there. I just wanted to run to her and to hug her, you know, kiss her.”

“Did you?”

“I didn’t. I didn’t get to. They wouldn’t let me get close to her.”

Rosie says she ran to the scene and saw her sister’s lifeless body on the street.

CNN sat down for a one-on-one interview with FBI Special Agent in charge Christopher Combs, who says he’s seen too many mass shootings up close, and that these atrocities are happening every two weeks.

He gets emotional trying to talk about how this should be a wake-up call to the country.

“The phone rings yesterday. You get the call about this. And whatever is going through your mind, it is it makes you tear up, which is not something that we normally see from an FBI.”

“I can’t. I can’t though. I’m sorry, man. There’s no way.”
The realities of another mass shooting that has left a veteran law enforcement agent struggling to find the right words.

Investigators are now looking at 15 crime scenes and multiple cars all connected to Saturday’s violence.

Authorities say they have not established a motive for the shooting, but they believe Ator acted alone.

All the victims have been identified.

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(This story was originally published on September 2, 2019)

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