Residents in London stunned after body falls from plane

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LONDON (CNN) – Residents in London were stunned on Monday when a body fell into a garden in Clapham Common.

The person who died was a stowaway on a Kenya Airways flight headed form Nairobi to London Heathrow.

Neighbors were stunned by the incident.

“Very unfortunate. It’s quite frightening as well, because my back garden is just a few doors down from there.”

“So yeah it is quite frightening…As I was coming back on the bus, you could see there were hundreds of people all out on the Common, and it could have been a major tragedy if he’d fallen on the crowds over there. It’s a tragedy anyway.”

An aviation expert comments on the stowaway who fell out of that flight, saying the person may have passed out and frozen before hitting the ground due to lack of oxygen and low temperature.

“We are talking about extremely low temperatures, we are talking about -60°C and the other thing is the partial pressure of oxygen is so low that a stowaway will pass out at about 20,000 feet and above 30,000 feet they will shortly expire, die. And then they freeze.”

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This story was originally published on July 3, 2019.

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