Sen. Braun discusses Iran, health care

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WASHINGTON D.C. (WEHT) — US Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.) said on Tuesday that he believes President Donald Trump is doing a good job dealing with a rogue country, in regard to tensions with Iran.

Sen. Braun said he believes Congress needs to be more involved in decisions surrounding Iran.

“I think most Republican senators and I think most Democratic senators and the president himself know that whenever you engage troops or you get yourself involved in an entanglement overseas, it better be well-thought-out. I think the president needs the flexibility to do it. I also think the Congress ought to take more responsibility where it’s given it up over time,” Sen. Braun said.

He said he backs President Trump’s stance of ‘don’t push your luck.’

Health care

Sen. Braun also wants the health care industry to get its act together.

Braun said he supports an executive order President Trump signed requiring hospitals and other providers to disclose prices for services.

Braun said surprise billing is one of the issues people don’t like about the current system.

He said if changes are not made, the health care industry could be eventually dealing with what he calls a “Medicare for All” system.

“There is a short window here to either fix it, keep the best of it, or go to a drastically different system that I think everybody will regret once we go for it,” said Sen. Braun.

He said he hopes Hoosiers will take advantage once the executive order goes into effect, by doing more shopping for health care services.

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