A new national day to begin the holiday season

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NATIONAL TODAY (WEHT) – According to National Today, “Amerca’s leading site for national and consumer holidays,” enough Americans have demanded a new national day to start off the holiday season.

National Today also states that peppermint bark is a treat that is made with chocolate and peppermint oil. The website also says that peppermint bark debuted in 1998, and was created by Williams Sonoma.

National Peppermint Bark Day is now December 1. In a poll National Today had taken, 53% of Americans loved peppermint bark. Illinois and Indiana ranked #10 and #19 respectively in the peppermint bark fan list, with Washington state being #1 on the list, where 90% of people surveyed said they loved peppermint bark. In Illinois, 78% of the people surveyed said they loved peppermint bark, while in Indiana 73% of the people surveyed agreed.

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