(VERIZON SPECIALS) – According to the latest Verizon Specials report, the amount of TV you watch could be heavily influenced by where you live.

All fifty states, including Washington D.C., saw a decrease in television watch time compared to last year’s numbers. In terms of genres, sports took the lead nationally, while sitcoms were the most popular in midwest and eastern states, such as Minnesota, New York, and Indiana. 

Within the Tri-State, Kentucky came in at the top 10 at number 7 on the list. Illinois came in at number 18, while Indiana came in at number 30. The number one state for most-watched TV is West Virginia, while Alaska comes in last. The most popular genres within the Tri-State are sitcoms for Indiana, stand-up comedy in Illinois, and cartoons in Kentucky.

The full report can be found here.