HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – U.S. Senator Todd Young has introduced the After Hours Child Care Act.

A news release says the After Hours Child Care Act would support expanding existing child care programs, or establishing new facilities in some cases, so parents can remain in the workforce and provide for their families while working outside of the traditional work hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Officials say across Indiana and the United States, major industries such as health care, advanced manufacturing, and logistics rely on employees for early morning or late-night shifts, as well as weekend availability. The news release says this legislation would help fill these high-demand roles by removing barriers created by child care accessibility, especially in rural communities.

Officials say if enacted, the After Hours Child Care Act would:

  1. Expand capacity for an existing child care program to serve families working nontraditional hours
  1. Support efforts to establish an on-site child care program at a workplace
  1. Ensure that federal funds supplement existing efforts by requiring a 25% match
  1. Require a report every two years on the bill’s effectiveness in improving child care availability

Senator Todd Young says, “Hoosier parents rely on affordable child care in order to remain attached to the workforce, advance their careers, and feed their families. Currently, child care options are extremely limited for families, especially in rural Indiana communities. The After Hours Child Care Act will help address the needs of parents working nontraditional hours, enabling them to more easily accept employment opportunities that best fit their needs.”

The After Hours Child Care Act can be viewed below.