Changing views: how people felt about living their lives during the pandemic compared to now

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(WEHT) Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us didn’t think twice about touching the handle of a shopping cart, how close we were to person in front of us in line, or even sharing work stations. Once COVID hit the U.S., we became hyper-aware of others around us and the surfaces we were touching.  So how much have attitudes about going out really changed since last year? Are people getting back to their normal behaviors, or are they still holding back from resuming regular activities? 

Invisibly used it’s Realtime Research tool to poll Americans to find out how they feel about returning to their life activities, or doing things live travel or going to sporting events.

What they found was that men are much more willing than women to return to normal activities in nearly every category. And younger people are feeling more cautious than other ages about resuming regular activities.

The biggest jump in comparison to results from nine months ago came from people now returning to the gym with 47% saying that they now would compared to only 30% who said they would in July 2020.

And when it comes to dining at restaurants, a big change now that the COVID vaccine is widely available.

That big change between how people felt 1-6 months ago compared to now is visible in just about every category from going to the gym, visiting the dentist, getting a haircut, or returning to work at an office. Between October and March, when COVID cases were highest, people surveyed were only 10-20% comfortable with doing any of those things. But now, people are 34-60% comfortable returning to some of life’s ‘normal’ activities.

What about travel? 58% of respondents said they would consider traveling on a plane now. 22% said they would consider going on a cruise now compared to 59% who said they would need another 6+ months before considering going on a cruise. 

And when it comes to social distancing, only 15% said they were willing to stop now, compared to 23% who were willing to stop nine months ago. 

People are more hesitant now about going to sporting events than they were six months ago. Just 15% of respondents would attend a sporting event right now compared to 21% who were willing to do so 10 months ago. 52% of respondents said they would consider attending a large sporting event in 3-6 months.

To read more about Invisibly’s survey about returning to regular life, click here. To see more details about their survey of people’s comfort with traveling and attending sporting events, click here.

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