TRI-STATE (WEHT) – Scholaroo, an education research firm and scholarship website engine, has analyzed the most recent data showing the number of teachers in each state compared to the state population to show the teacher shortage in the United States.

According to their data, North Dakota has the highest teachers per 1,000 population with 13.13 and Florida had the lowest number of teachers per population with 6.54. In the Tri-State, Kentucky was ranked in the bottom 9 with 8.84, Indiana had the 14th highest shortage with 9.14 teachers per 1,000 population and Illinois was near the middle of the list at the 27th highest shortage and 10.29 teachers per 1,000 population.

On October 27, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced his Education First Plan to address student learning loss brought on by the pandemic and years of denied pay raises that have contributed to the state’s nearly 11,000 public school teacher vacancies by providing funding for a 5% pay raise for school staff, universal pre-K, textbooks, technology and training, teacher student loan forgiveness and social and mental health services.

To read the full results of the analysis, click here.