CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KDVR) — A former bus driver for Douglas County School District is facing 30 misdemeanor child abuse charges for an incident caught on camera in early March in Colorado.

Brian Fitzgerald, 61, was driving students from Castle Rock Elementary School on March 1, when he addressed the children on the bus.

“You guys need to be in your seats,” Fitzgerald said on the intercom. “You want to see how dangerous that is?”

Moments later, Fitzgerald reportedly hits the brakes of the bus, causing some children to bump into the seats in front of them. A speedometer on the video recording shows the speed drop from 9 mph to zero.

Castle Rock Police investigated the incident and filed the case with the District Attorney’s office. The citation includes 30 misdemeanor charges for knowing and reckless child abuse. One of the 30 charges noted an injury. The case is now in the hands of the 18th Judicial District.

“The video is incredibly difficult to watch. Riding a bus to and from school should be a happy, enjoyable experience for students. The behavior and actions of this bus driver are completely unacceptable. We are so grateful to the parents and the principal who reported this incident, allowing us to take swift action and ensure this driver was never again allowed behind the wheel of a DCSD bus. Thank you for your partnership in watching out for our children.”

Paula Hans, DCSD Public Information Officer

Fitzgerald was fired from the district. A summons has been issued for Fitzgerald, and he is expected to be in court on May 12.

FOX31 was able to reach Fitzgerald over the phone, but he declined to comment on the case.