How a government shutdown would affect you

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(WEHT) – As the possibility of government shutdown lingers over America, many citizens are concerned about what this means for them. The ripple effect can have far reaching consequences.

The Social Security Administration will still have the authority to keep mailing checks, but benefit verifications, Social Security claims and issuing cards would all stop.

The same is true for the V.A. benefits with new applications being delayed. In previous shutdowns, major backups in processing mortgages and loan requests happened due to IRS furloughs.

Health care would also be impacted from a shutdown. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services could potentially furlough roughly 43 percent of its staff. That could lead to delays in processing new patients at hospitals across the country.

National parks, monuments and other popular sites could close their doors completely. During the 2018 shutdowns, air travel was limited. Air traffic control and TSA agents were working without pay and many stopped showing up for work.

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