Illinois Senator Dick Durbin says Afghanistan “not ready to be brought into the 21st Century”

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(WEHT) – In the face of mounting tensions with the Taliban, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin defended the decision to end U.S. Military involvement in Afghanistan.

The Democrat said the war has gone on too long, and now the U.S. must support the Afghan people as the country goes through what he called a “Taliban phase.”

“We lost over 2,000 American lives and spent trillions of dollars and we learned after 20 years that we cannot bring Afghanistan into the 21st Century until they are ready,” said Senator Durbin. “And I don’t think they’re gonna be for the near future. They have to go through this Taliban phase.”

The Taliban have waved a fierce push in recent months as U.S. and NATO forces withdraw from the war-torn country.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee also voted on Wednesday to repeal two measures giving open-ended approval for military action in Iraq. Congressional Democrats are trying to reclaim “say” over military strikes and deployments.

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