The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will invest $1 trillion into the United States’ crumbling infrastructure. It’s the largest federal investment in infrastructure in more than a decade and could go a long way towards relieving a consistent strain on people’s wallets.

QuoteWizard’s team of analysts found that deteriorating roads and bridges cost the average driver $556 every year. They also found that nearly 20% of America’s roads and 6% of bridges are currently in unacceptable condition.

To find out which states had the best and worst roads, QuoteWizard ranked each state based on a composite score of these factors:

  • Percentage of non-acceptable roads
  • Square miles of poor bridge deck
  • Associated but not used in the rankings is the annual cost per motorist

States are ranked 1 to 50, with 1 being the worst overall road infrastructure and 50 being the best overall road infrastructure.

Indiana and Illinois came in at 13 and 14 respectively on the list. 23-percent of Indiana roads are considered non-acceptable, and so are 20-percent of Illinois roads. Bad roads cost Hoosier drivers $480 per year, and it’s $586 for Illinois drivers.

Kentucky roads are considered much better. The state ranked 40 on the list with only 10-percent of roads considered non-acceptable.