HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – College resource site Authority.org has put together a map using geotagged Twitter data from the previous six months to show the most popular slang used in each state.

(Courtesy: Authority.org)

According to the data, both Indiana and Illinois share a “vibe” when it comes to their favorite slang term, but Kentucky prefers to use the word “flex”. The top ten slang terms from across the nation were also listed, along with a guide to help understand some of the phrases:

  1. Vibe (refers to a positive feeling)
  2. Drip (refers to clothing and style)
  3. Flex (refers to bragging about something or showing off)
  4. Slay (refers to looking good, showing confidence)
  5. Banger (refers to a good song)
  6. Slaps (refers to something being good, usually a song or food)
  7. Shook (Refers to something bothering someone or shocking someone)
  8. Bet (Refers to a confirmation, an understanding or affirmation of directions or plans)
  9. No cap/cap (Refers to not lying, or “cap” which means not true)
  10. Fire (Something that is really good, pleasing)

According to the data, Twitter users in Georgia used the most slang terms, but Illinois was not far behind in fourth place.

(Courtesy: Authority.org)

The data tracked tweets, hashtags and direct keyword phrases utilizing over 50 popular slang terms that have recently come into popularity.