(TRUSAIC) – How much does a Big Mac cost? The average U.S. menus price is $6.05, but a new online tool from Trusaic is offering a new way of understanding what the pay gap means for you and your buying power.

The Big Mac Pay Index uses U.S. Census data to show the adjusted price for a Big Mac based on the gap between average income based on race/ethnicity or gender. For example, according to U.S. Census data, men earn on average 18% more than women, so the real cost for a Big Mac for women would be the equivalent of $7.38.

“The pay gap can seem just an abstract idea,” says Matt Gotchy, Trusaic’s EVP of Marketing. “The Big Mac Pay Gap Index shows in a more concrete way how it impacts our daily buying power.”

For more information, and to use the tool, click here.