Package theft is a real issue — Here’s how you can avoid it

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(WEHT) — This holiday season, packages are starting to line up homeowners’ porches, becoming an easy target for soon-to-be porch pirates. Although an avid engineer might set up an “Exploding Glitter Bomb” to deter thieves, there are easier options to ensure your gifts get home safe and sound.

Most major postal services give the option to track your packages, letting you know exactly where your packages are at all times. Using this along with delivery alerts can let you plan ahead so you can receive your packages as soon as they’re left at your door.

Leaving your delivered mail unattended for long periods of time often becomes a big mistake. In this day and age, people tend to be too busy with work and other obligations, making that easier said than done. When life becomes too busy, letting a trusted neighbor hold onto your packages until you can get them may be something to consider.

Requesting a signature is a sure way to get that package right into your hands on delivery. The big drawback with this is you have to be home when your package is being delivered, which sometimes isn’t always an option.

Lastly, we recommend installing a video doorbell or making it clear if you have a home security system. Outdoor security can catch porch pirates in the act, or even scare them off emptyhanded. As for other options, studies show that 87% of burglars move onto another home if they notice a home security system.

Using these tips to your advantage can help you stay one step ahead of porch pirates during the holidays.

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