President Biden plans to strike a deal with Senator Manchin over Build Back Better

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NATIONAL (WEHT) – President Biden says he is not giving up on his social spending plan, as its future seems unclear in the Senate.

The president is insisting that he will strike a deal with Senator Joe Manchin on the Build Back Better bill despite Manchin’s opposition to it. Democratic leaders are vowing to continue negotiations, which could mean a similar bill with fewer programs and a smaller price tag to appease Manchin.

Senator Manchin continues to have concerns about paid family leave, the child tax credit, and a high price tag that could contribute to inflation. President Biden insists on making a deal with Manchin, saying middle class families desperately need the Build Back Better bill. President Biden has said, “Imagine being a parent, looking at your child you can’t afford? You have no house to borrow against. You have no savings. It’s wrong.”

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer is doubling down on his commitment to bring the current bill up for a vote next year. He says the pressure could lead to a deal with Senator Manchin unless the Senate is able to reach an agreement on modifications ahead of that vote.

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