Prices on these items are going up, best items to buy now

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(WEHT) – Supply chain issues are impacting everything from wine to holiday decorations. Bare store shelves are common, and the everyday items they do have cost quite a bit more than they used to. IKEA says it’s raising prices after reporting a drop in profit due to higher transport and raw material costs, according to Reuters. And USA Today is reporting prices are going up for Oreos, Toblerone, and Sour Patch Kids.

So what can you buy at a good price right now? Consumer Reports says it’s important to shop early to get the best deals and avoid shipping worries.

When it comes to tablets and computers, CR suggests the Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook you can buy on Amazon for $249. It’s a hybrid laptop and computer, and CR says it’s one of the best tablets for kids.

The holidays are also a good time to get a good price on a new TV. Consider the Hisense 70-Inch Smart 4K Android TV. You can get it for $550 at Best Buy. Or for a smaller model, the Insignia 43-Inch Smart 4K Fire TV for $270 at Amazon and Best Buy.

Air fryers are also a popular holiday gift this year. While the food you cook in an air fryer is pretty much the same across all brands, CR says there are differences in the controls, how easy they are to clean, or how loud they are. For a quiet, easy to clean air fryer, try the Dreo 4-Qt. Air Fryer for $71 at Amazon.

Looking to block out the political talk during family get togethers? Maybe you need a new set of headphones. Chip shortages will probably impact inventory, so make sure to shop early. For a good deal on noise cancelling headphones, CR suggests the Sennheiser PXC 550-II Noice-Canceling Headphones. You can get it for $160 at Amazon. If you’re in the market for earbuds, try JLab Audio JBuds Air True Wireless Earphones for $25 at Amazon and Target.

If you’re wanting to up your cleaning game, try getting a new vacuum cleaner. If you want a robotic vacuum and don’t want to spend much, CR suggests Ecovacs Deebot 711 Robotic Vacuum. You can get it for $149 at Walmart. For a more traditional vacuum, try the Shark Vertex Ultralight Corded Stick Vacuum for $219 at Walmart.

Other products with deep discounts include: air mattresses, blenders, clothes dryers, computer monitors, fitness trackers, flooring, and microwave ovens.

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