Rare find: Albino Raccoons visit construction site

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(Courtesy: KETK)

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – It was during their lunch hour when a few construction workers thought they saw an opossum.

But a closer look revealed something out of the ordinary.

“It was like that ain’t no opossum, that’s a raccoon, a white raccoon,” said Sam Martin, Lewellen Construction.

Every day, right on schedule, the whole raccoon family comes out looking for lunch.

The momma comes out first to check the scene before the litter of five, with two albino siblings, joins the party.

“They’ll walk right up within two feet of us and they’re not really that scared, I guess lot of people see them,” said Martin.

“Just feels like if they’re brave enough to come up to us they might as well get some free food out of it,” said Nicholas Carlton, Lewellen Construction.

Just how rare seeing albinism in a raccoon?

“At first we didn’t know they existed so we looked it up on Google and we were like wow, 1 in 750,000 is what we read are actually white,” said Martin.

“Yeah, you’ve got a better change of getting struck by lightning than seeing two albino raccoons,” said Carlton.

With such incredible odds now in their favor, the crew didn’t waste a second.

“We went out and got our lottery tickets the night of and I won 20 bucks so that’s pretty good,” said Martin.

“I went to the Texaco and got a scratch-off and won 200 bucks on my ticket,” said Jaafar Brown, Lewellen Construction.

Since the furry family are regular visitors, maybe they’ll start helping out with the work.

“Yeah maybe start hammering some stuff, hanging up some rafters,” said Carlton.

Or they’ll just head back into the woods and be back in time for lunch tomorrow.

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