HENDERSON, Ky (WALLETHUB) – A new report from WalletHub has ranked the best and worst states to work as a police officer based on 30 key indicators, including income for law enforcement and police deaths per 1,000 officers.

According to the data, California is the best state to work in law enforcement despite not being in the top 10 for job hazards and protections. Arkansas was named the worst state to work as a police officer overall, with the second lowest score for job hazards and protections as well as job opportunities.

In the Tri-State, Illinois was ranked the fifth best state overall for police officers in the study, as well as the highest median income for law-enforcement officers when adjusted for cost of living. However, Illinois had the third lowest percentage of homicide cases solved, right behind Indiana, which was ranked at number 20 overall. Kentucky was ranked as the fourth worst state overall due to having the third lowest number of officers per capita and the fifth lowest median income growth for officers.

Source: WalletHub

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