WASHINGTON, D.C. (WEHT) – Senator Mitch McConnell made some remarks before the final vote on Judge Jackson.

Some of the issues that Sen. McConnell cited that he had with Judge Jackson were laid out in this statement: “First, the nominee would not follow the Ginsburg-Breyer precedent and denounce the insane concept of partisan court-packing. Second, her judicial record is full of cases where Judge Jackson ruled like a policymaker implementing personal biases, instead of a judge following text where it led. And third, her aggressive judicial activism frequently focused on treating convicted criminals as gently as possible.”

He remarked that Judge Jackson was too soft on crime, and he saw her more as a policy maker and not someone who ruled by the Constitution. He also commented on Judge Jackson’s “disturbing judicial record.”

Sen. McConnell closed with, “The Senate should only confirm Justices who will follow the text of our laws and Constitution wherever it leads. Who will leave subjective policy judgments on this side of the street where they belong. That is how we lower the temperature. That’s how we shore up the courts. That’s how we protect the rule of law. Staff the judiciary with brilliant men and women who understand and embrace this limited role. No other road leads anywhere good for our great nation.”