WASHINGTON, D.C. (WEHT) – According to Demand Justice, fifty-five elected officials from Illinois have expressed interest in adding four more justices to the United States Supreme Court.

According to Demand Justice, the officials hope that by adding more Justices to the United States Supreme Court it will balance out right- and left-leaning interests in the current judiciary makeup. The endorsers include two-dozen members of the state legislature, mayors, aldermen, and city council members representing 21 cities from across the state of Illinois.

Demand Justice claims that five members of the Illinois congressional delegation have already endorsed the Judiciary Act of 2021, the bill in Congress to add four seats to the Supreme Court. Representatives Danny Davis, Jesús García, Marie Newman, Bobby Rush, and Jan Schakowsky are among the bill’s 46 supporters in the House of Representatives. In recent weeks, the bill has picked up the endorsement of the Congressional Progressive Caucus and Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is the third supporter in the Senate.

Demand Justice has been organizing support at the grassroots level for the Judiciary Act, including from state- and county-level elected officials. Leaders from other states will be announced over the coming weeks. 

On January 11 at 7 p.m., Representatives Schakowsky, Davis and Newman will join Illinois Assistant Majority Leader Marcus Evans, State Representative Lakesia Collins, and State Senator Michael Simmons on a call hosted by Illinois Democratic Women and Indivisible Illinois about the seeming importance of expanding the Supreme Court. The elected leaders will be joined by Demand Justice Executive Director Brian Fallon and Illinois strategist Jennifer Lee, an advisor to Demand Justice.

A full list of the Illinois state elected officials endorsing the proposed Supreme Court expansion is available here.