HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – According to the Spencer County Sheriff’s Office social media page, Sheriff Heichelbech joined a bipartisan delegation of Indiana sheriffs on their visit to the southern border at the Del Rio sector.

In their post, the SCSO says that Sheriff Heichelbech chose to go due to national and state intelligence services gathering sufficient evidence to show that the southern border plays a role in the influx of illegal drugs and human trafficking in the county.

The sheriffs were accompanied by members of the Indiana state legislature as well as a U.S. Senator.

Image courtesy: Spencer County Sheriff’s Office

According to a release from the Indiana Sheriff’s Association, the delegation witnessed immigrants risking their lives to enter the United States, with some entangled in razor wire. The delegation also saw many individuals surrender themselves for processing.

In their release, the Sheriff’s Association noted that the processing strategy under the current immigration system relies on issuing citations to processed immigrants with a promise to appear in a U.S. court. The Sheriff’s Association says many fail to appear and are released into a city of their choice.

Following this visit, the Sheriff’s Association addressed members of Congress about the need to improve the humanitarian conditions at the border and urged the need for a balanced approach to improving security at the border while maintaining compassion for immigrants.