Study: Indiana ranked in top ten for older adults in best position to retire

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(MagnifyMoney) – A new study says that Hoosiers are ready to retire.

According to the data released by MagnifyMoney, nearly ten percent of all U.S. adults over 65 are in a bleak financial position and roughly nine percent of them are below the poverty threshold. That makes saving for retirement easier said than done.

The study shows that Hoosiers are in a good place to retire though. Indiana was ranked ninth place in the nation for having the most people ready to call it quits. In the rest of the Tri-State, Kentucky was ranked at 27 and Illinois was ranked at 32. The study shows Utah is the most prepared for retirement and California is the least prepared.

MagnifyMoney compared the amount of adults living in poverty to high living costs to get the findings. For more information, you can read the results here.

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