HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – “Just one more try” is a phrase uttered by many video game players struggling to defeat a troublesome boss fight, or jump over a gap that seems just a little too wide. For some players, difficult games are more entertaining, but which game is the most challenging for even the most masochistic of gamers?

To attempt to answer this question, online casino JeffBet analyzed the 50 most retired games according to players on Howlongtobeat.com. The study looked at data including how long gamers took to complete each title, the typical completion rate and how many players gave up on the game and their reasons for why.

The 2018 roguelike game Dead Cells was named the most difficult in the study, with 26.5% of players who gave up on the game mentioning its difficulty. However, despite how difficult it was for some players, 26.8% of people were able to complete it according to JeffBet’s research. The study also said Dead Cells had the shortest time “completionist time”, with players gaining all achievements in the game in 29.5 hours on average.

The critically acclaimed video game Disco Elysium was named the second hardest game on the list, with 21.1% of players who gave up saying it was too difficult . For reference, there is a sequence within Disco Elysium where the main character can die from sitting in an uncomfortable chair. However, 36.8% of players who did not complete the game said they did so because they did not enjoy the game.

GameAverage time (in hours) to gain all achievementsPercentage of players who did not finish the gamePercentage of players who finished the gamePercentage of players who quit saying they did not enjoy the gamePercentage of players who quit saying the game was too longPercentage of players who quit saying the game was too hard
Dead Cells29.58.5%26.8%11.8%0.0%26.5%
Disco Elysium45.42.7%34.9%36.8%15.8%21.1%
Super Meat Boy43.513.6%23.5%1.9%1.9%18.5%
Dark Souls1054.5%51.9%4.3%0.0%17.4%
Don’t Starve10320.3%8.9%6.9%0.0%17.2%
Hollow Knight62.54.4%40.5%7.3%1.6%10.6%
The Binding of Isaac13919.4%24.4%4.5%0.0%9.1%
Left 4 Dead 25415.3%36.7%9.1%0.0%9.1%
Vampire Survivors44.56.2%45.1%14.3%35.7%7.1%
Source: JeffBet

Although a game may seem difficult, a spokesperson for JeffBet reminds players that there are plenty of online resources available to help. YouTube videos and advice forums can help provide strategies for players, and provide the locations of collectibles that may easily be missed.