HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – A new study from BetKentucky.com suggests that Kentucky and Indiana aren’t for lovers.

According to a release, the website created a weighted ranking to rate states based on Google Trends, Statista and Forbes Business. Statista was used to find the percentage of single households in each state, Google Trends was used to find the average search volumes of inquiries like “date ideas,” “first date activities near me,” and “florists near me” and Forbes Business data was used to find the average annual income for a single person in each state.

Washington D.C. took the number one spot, with a dating index value of 48.33. Although you might think of New York City when you think of most romantic comedy films, New York found itself ranked in seventh place with a dating index value of 33.33. Illinois was also in the top ten, ranked ninth in the nation with an index of 32.33.

The Hoosier State did not score as favorable, with Indiana being named the fourth worst state in the nation, with an index score of 14.67. Kentucky was named the second worst state for dating, with a score of 12.33. Although you might associate the city of Las Vegas with wedding chapels, Nevada was named the worst state for dating in the entire nation.

You can find more information, including a ranking of every state, on BetKentucky.com’s website. They even offer some date ideas for Kentucky lovers who haven’t given up hope.