(WEHT) — Edge Pharma recently announced they’ll be pulling all their drug products off shelves through a voluntary nationwide recall.

As for the recall reason, the Food and Drug Administration states, “All products are being recalled due to process issues that could lead to a lack of sterility assurance for products intended to be sterile and could impact the safety and quality of non-sterile products.”

If an unsterile Edge Pharma drug is taken, The FDA warns that specific infections could happen, as well as serious systemic infections which they say could be life-threatening.

Officials with the company state the products are used for a variety of indications and are packaged in containers, IV bags, syringes, drop containers, vials, bottles and jars. 

At this time, Edge says they have not received and are not aware of any adverse events related to the recall.

A full list containing lot numbers, distribution dates and drug information can be found here.