Tire prices jump due to multiple factors

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If you haven’t had to buy tires in a while, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise when it comes to how much they cost.

And that’s only if they are in stock. Like many other businesses, the tire industry has been hit with several factors leading to price increases and supply chain delays.

There’s even been a fungus that’s affected rubber trees in the tropics. Kevin Masters says some tire models have also been in short supply, leading to days and in some case, weeks worth of delays. But he says that’s not the only product line that’s jumped in price.

“I think 27% or something like that since July, the cost has increased on wheels, the manufacturing process on chrome plating just because they don’t have enough workers and so it’s it’s affected a lot of that business,” said Kevin Masters, Reeves Tire & Auto.

Masters says some customers have even inquired about buying used tires.

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