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Webster County officials are scheduled to announce the details of a new manufacturing facility, with the anticipation of 50 jobs.

Some states are known by the most common industry they have: industrial, medical, business, etc. So it makes sense that people in each state might use different key words when searching for a job in their respective state. And there are a lot of job openings in the wake of the COVID pandemic.

Elements Global Services has tracked how the pandemic has influenced workers, specifically related to their evolving job and career sentiments. Their analysis takes into account both Google search trends data indicating what restless workers are searching for online, and a survey of 500 millennials and Gen Zers sharing their attitude towards their career.

According to the data, Kentuckians are apparently tired of the traditional office environment. Many are looking for jobs where they can work remotely and where they travel a lot. The commonwealth is also in the top 5 when it comes to searching for jobs that involve helping people.

In Illinois, people are looking for high-paying jobs (who isn’t?) and jobs for people who are retired.

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