Neighbors rally after new mobile park owners raise rent


HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) — Residents of a Henderson mobile home park say they’re afraid some of them may be forced out of their homes after a new owner purchased the property last month.

They met last week to sign a petition against changes they say are unfair.

A notice went out to tenants detailing a higher rent, some new fees, and a new water meter system.

Some neighbors say they’re worried about their future here.

During a peaceful afternoon, neighbors say, they heard a knock at the door.

“We had a new lease handed to us.”

“We kind of felt trapped,” said Ian Blythe. “It says we can sign the lease or we can be evicted in 30 days if we don’t sign it.”

Many tenants here at harding place own their mobile homes and only pay rent for the property.

Others, like Ian and his family, are saving to buy a house.

“This puts a little bit of a damper on this now, and a lot more if we end up getting evicted,” he said.

However, some of them say they rely on assistance, like disability, to pay the bills, and they worry a rent increase and added fees means some may be forced to abandon their homes if they can’t pay to move them.

“There are other people who are not planning to move out. Who are stuck here. Whether by choice or by necessity.”

The Henderson Housing Authority confirmed there are also Section 8 homes in the park. A notice handed out by “Harding MHP LLC” identify the new owners only as “Graham and Brian.”

The notice increases rent on both old and new sections of the property by what tenants say is at least 20%.

There are also added pet fees.

“Whether it’s a fish…whether it’s you know. It’s really hard,” said Amanda Blythe. Many of the tenants have had pets there for years.

The notice also includes payments for a new water meter system, which splits the cost of water by occupied lots. In one document, it broke down how much a resident would be charged to purchase the new mandatory meter.

It’s commonly known as “Ratio Utility Billing Systems” or “RUBS.” The system is legal in Henderson.

Those that signed the petition just want a conversation.

“Come to a compromise and meet us in the middle, I guess.”

After a knock on the door left them feeling anything — but — at home.

“They have the upper hand. They’re the ones with the money, they’re the ones with the park. They’re the ones with the rules.”

I called the property manager and was told the owners live in California.

We have not yet heard back.

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