HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)- A Henderson neighborhood is speaking out after police said Bradley Gillespie, an escaped inmate from Ohio, may have been in their neighborhood.

Police say a person matching Gillespie’s description was last seen around 11:50 Wednesday morning on Marlow Court. A neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, tells us Gillespie was in a duplex next door.

“She was in there for about five minutes and she came out and said he is in my daughter’s bedroom. She dialed 911 and they (the police) were here immediately,” the neighbor says.

The neighbor says a nurse and her daughter have lived in the duplex for about a month and found a man who they believed to be Gillespie in the daughter’s bedroom.

“They (the police) had their guns drawn and pointed at the door. I don’t know how he got away, but he did… he is like a mouse,” the neighbor says.

Mark Ingalsbe lives a few houses down and says he watch the commotion unfold when drinking his morning coffee.

“I am thinking why is the SWAT team people doing out here. They had police blocking the road… that is the most police I had seen in one place at one time,” he says.

Ingalsbe says the police surrounded the duplex, only to find it empty.

“And he was not there. When they entered, that duplex was clear,” he says.

As the manhunt for Gillespie continues, police urge residents to keep doors locked. They say if you see Gillespie, call 911 immediately.