Wabash County, Ill. (WEHT) — One person is dead and another is seriously injured after a home explosion just north of Allendale in Wabash County, Illinois.

Wabash County Sheriff Dereck Morgan said Kevin Murphy, 66, died Saturday morning. We’re told his wife, Sue, was taken to a Louisville hospital. Her condition is not known at this time.  

Friday night, neighbors rushed into the burning home and tried to save the couple.

One of those neighbors, Terry Brown, said he felt the explosion in his own home.

“I was grilling and grabbed my wife. I was inside my house and felt the explosion. I felt it in my chest even, that was how big it was,” he said.

Brown reflected Saturday on the night. He said neighbors are about a quarter mile apart.

“I was shocked to see how many neighbors were there, so quick and so fast,” he said.

Within seconds of the blast, Brown and his neighbors were on their way to the home and ran inside.

“We ran down as fast we could to try to help and assist and do anything we could. Three other guys helped me, and we carried the gentleman away from the rubble and burning house,” Brown said.

A few minutes later, firefighters arrived and found the home fully engulfed in flames. Neighbors said Sue Murphy jumped into the pool behind the house to escape the blaze.

“It was very devastating, very sad.  It is never good to hear about tragedy so close to home,” Brown said.

Although Brown had not met all his neighbors, he said they are family.

“Everybody is family. That is the way you got to treat each other. We will be praying for the family and keep them in our thoughts.”

Authorities are still investigating what caused the explosion.

The explosion comes just 10 days after a deadly home explosion in Evansville killed three people. The cause of that explosion is also still under investigation.