New ATV Safety Robot to be Unveiled Tonight


A new safety tool, the brainchild of Ashlee Bruggenschmidt, will be unveiled Thursday night in Warrick County.

Bruggenschmidt lost her her daughter Kate in an ATV accident nearly two years ago.

Since then, Ashlee has worked to educate others on ATV safety, and will help unveil the first-ever ATV safety robot.

It’s called ‘Safety Sam,’ and it’s an extremely life-like animatronic device.

‘Safety Sam’ can even interact with students, answering their questions about ATV safety.

The unveiling will take place Thursday night at 6 at Sharon Elementary School.

The timing was chosen in honor of what would have been Kate’s 13th birthday, on March 30th.

There is also a law going through the Indiana legislature, in Kate’s honor, that would require anyone under 18 to wear a helmet while riding an ATV.

To see the promotional video, click here.

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