HENDERSON, Ky (WEHT) – Everyone has dreams, but sometimes a certain kind can keep reoccurring more than others.

Sleep experts Each Night analyzed online search data to determine the top five most common dreams are in each state, and Kentucky’s most common is nightmares.

Analysists state Kentucky residents search for terms related to nightmares 1,275 times a month with ‘night terror’ being the most popular search term.

Dr. Chester Wu, M.D., double board-certified in Psychiatry and sleep medicine, gave some insight.

“Nightmares are more common in children than adults, but these dreams can occur at any age. They can be caused by a variety of factors – including stress, anxiety, trauma, and sleep disorders – and can cause feelings of fear, anxiety, or even terror. From a biological perspective, nightmares occur during the REM phase of sleep, but the exact reasons for their themes or content remain unknown.”

Other top dreams in Kentucky include dreams about teeth, snakes, pregnancy and sex.

In the rest of the Tri-State, residents in Indiana also have nightmares the most, and Illinois residents have dreams about teeth the most, according to data.

An Each Night spokesperson stated, “Dreams, from teeth to snakes, pregnancy, nightmares, and intimate moments, unveil a spectrum of human emotions and concerns, providing a fascinating glimpse into the depths of the subconscious. This study has revealed the top five most common dreams in the United States, with dreams about teeth (representing 36,209 average monthly searches in the last 12 months) taking the top spot as the most common dream nationwide, suggesting that Americans are dealing with feelings of loss in their life. In addition to nightmares, dreams about teeth and dreams about snakes make the top three most common categories in Kentucky, followed by dreams about being pregnant and sex dreams. Therefore, this research offers an exciting insight into the unconscious minds of residents in the Bluegrass State.”

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