EVANSVILLE, In. (WEHT) – The worry for drug users in the past has been fentanyl being cut in with opioids or stimulants to either make up for impurity, or make a speedball – a combination of opioids and uppers – such as meth and cocaine. Boyett Treatment Center in Evansville says they have a way to test for it.

“It’s getting added into from what I understand, pretty much everything…Our lab has now given us the ability as of this week to test for it,” says Nate Boyett, founder of the Boyette Treatment Center and in recovery himself.

The CDC reports the drug has been found in over 30 states, including Kentucky. The issue with Xylazine is that an overdose can’t be treated with Narcan. Even with opioid like effects, it is important to remember the drug is meant to be anesthesia for horses.

The point about is being resistant to Narcan is definitely true, it’s not an opiate…but there is something to keep in mind with overdose prevention and reversal. The rescue breathing is just as important as Narcan,” says Lavander Timmons, co-founder and Executive Director of the Evansville Recovery Alliance

In the meantime, treatment centers are doing there best to figure out how to best manage people coming off Xylazine, says Boyett.

“The big deal is you can’t reverse it if they overdose on it. Yeah but definitely, if someone came in here, we would probably give them medication assisted treatment type plan – whether than be Suboxone or vivitrol or something like that. That is the best plan to keep them off the “‘Tranq dope’.”

There have been unconfirmed reports of Xylazine in Evansville. Fthey should be aware of this threat, and try to get the help they need.