Jasper, In. (WEHT)- Summer activities are coming to an end and that means pools are closing their doors for the year. The city of Jasper is taking the time to consider rejuvenating their public pool.

Jasper’s Parks and Recreation board met today to present their plans for a new space. “Out with the old, in with the new”. That seems to be the idea behind these plans, as the parks board looks to demolish the old pool and completely upgrade the space.

The Jasper Municipal Swimming Pool opened for the public in 1956.
Since then, families and people of all ages have made memories to last a lifetime.

But with 67 years in the books, and some wear and tear, the Parks and Recreation Board has decided to turn the page. Park Director, Tom Moorman, tells me the pool experienced several mechanical issues this summer, making it difficult to keep their doors open.

The new pool proposal, estimated to cost around 8 million dollars, is said to have amenities for everyone. Some of which Moorman says includes a climbing wall, zip line, a volleyball net, and more.

The pool proposal has been in the works for 9 years and has been on the back burner to accommodate other city projects, but Moorman says this is a need that can’t wait any longer, “we are running out of duck tape to hold the pool together”.

Danielle Gish, Jasper resident and mother, tells me she has fond memories of going to the pool as a child, “”I was pretty young when my mom brought me and I had good memories of playing in the baby pool with her. I look forward to making memories with my boys when they open the new one up”.