OWENSBORO, Ky. (WEHT) — Friends of Sinners in Owensboro is building a new men’s recovery center. Officials say the new 16,000 square foot facility is made possible by 2 grants totaling $140,000.

Friends Of Sinners is a year-long Christ-centered drug recovery program.

“Thankfully, we were able to receive $100,000 grant from the Impact 100 Owensboro. That is huge for us. Not only that, we received a $40,000 grant from Truist [Foundation],” says Jordan Wilson, the Development Director at the organization.

In just about a month, staff say they hope to see the facility’s 10 bedrooms officially open, as 40 men continue on their journeys to a healthier version of themselves.

The recovery center is located on Jackson Street.

Wilson says once they finish renovating both buildings, they’ll get rid of the previous space on Clay Street.

“We’ve put down new floors, painted all the walls. We’ve got new heating, air, new water heater, the bathrooms have tiles, [and] new showers. We’ve actually installed shower rooms [and] put in new windows, new gutters, a new roof,” says Wilson.

Officials say it will serve those in their last 6 months of treatment, and the new space will be offered to its residents for $100 per week.

“The second phase of our program they’re allowed to go and work. So, as the phase is increased, their level of responsibility is increased too,” says Wilson.

Wilson says the high level of treatment they offer will now match its environment.

“We’re a pillar in Owensboro. We honestly have been for 14 years, but now it’s gonna be a lot more clear [and] a lot more evident, even from the road,” says Wilson.