HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT)-Willard Carpenter’s former home was a part of the underground railroad. The house will be occupied by Theresa Catanese Real Estate.

Built-in 1849 in downtown Evansville, it was formerly occupied by Channel 7 WTVW.

“The home has great bones, but it’ll be a lot of work bringing it back to its former glory.
The first thing I want to take care of is the outside because it’s what everyone sees and we want to be good neighbors to everyone, so I have landscapers coming out this week and I have contractors coming out to repair the original wood on the outside, it’s been neglected for years.”

Cantonese says they have not found the entrance to the underground railroad, so if anyone knows where it might be, she says to let her know. She hopes to expose it and make it available for the public to see.