HENDERSON, Ky. (WEHT) – Saving Lives in 7 Days has been in operation for just a few weeks, but has already saved more than a half dozen feral cats, giving them a second chance at life and another opportunity at finding a home. Danielle Barnes with Warrick County Animal Control says caring for animals comes on a day to day basis. While finishing an Executive Leadership Program at Southern Utah University, Barnes focused on a project that would address a major issue with the facility.

“We just looked at all of our numbers and which animals were most at risk of euthanasia,” explains Barnes, “and it was animals entering our facility that are sick.”

Out of that study came the Saving 7 Shed and the Saving Lives in 7 Days pilot program. Through Saving Lives, feral cats who are sick will be housed and cared for in the adjacent shed, equipped with food, water, and medical supplies. The program was funded through grants and assistance from Barnes’s non-profit, Warrick Animal Guardians.

“We do not have a separate area for isolation for incoming cats that are sick,” says Barnes. “And last year, over 60 animals lost their lives because I didn’t have a place I could put them that would isolate them away from other animals. So this was my idea! How can I save more lives?”

Seven cats had been saved through the program within the first month. Feral cats who complete the program and are healthy are then returned to the animal control facility and placed for adoption. Barnes says she fears not enough adopters will come forward when the cats are healthy. She also tells us the facility is in need of dry and wet cat food, paper towels, and other supplies. If you are interested in adopting, or assisting, you can contact Warrick County Animal Control here.