Newburgh BBQ Shack Offically Closed


It’s a story we brought to you first on Friday, a Newburgh barbecue joint closing its doors Sunday. But did they have enough food for the long line of customers?

Memphis and Main BBQ has been open for almost three years. Sunday was their last day and if you didn’t pre-order your barbecue, your craving may not have been fulfilled.

The coals are hot and the meat is almost cooked. 

“It’s kind of been our family tradition that we visit here every Sunday and have barbecue,” Stephanie Knowles said. “Some people have pizza every Friday but every Sunday ours was barbecue.”

But after Sunday, the little red shack will no longer open it’s window.

“It’s almost like they know my voice,” Knowles said. “They know it’s me before I even tell them my last name.”

Sunday alone Memphis and Main BBQ is smoking 100 lbs. of pork, 30 whole chickens, sausage, and 35 slabs of ribs. It’s a hobby that Brian Shonk says takes more time than he can put in.

“That’s the heart of the reason why we’re closing is because it takes a lot of time and attention and my family has struggled enough,” Owner Brian Shonk said. “The last two years my wife has been a barbecue widow.” 

Shonk says he’d be happy to see another barbecue place lease the building.

“There’s 4,000 people upset that they’re not going to get this food again and so I feel selfish to keep it myself,” he said. “If someone can take over and do it right, I would be happy to help them continue on.”

Newburgh residents say they’re sad to see this drive-thru go and the ones behind the food.

“The guy knows what he’s doing, he’s been doing it for 25 years,” Larry Burden said. “How are you going to beat that with somebody that has that much knowledge?”

Although Monday morning this open sign will not light up, there’s hope some time in the future it will.

“You can’t replace this,” Burden said. “We will just have to find something else that’s close.”

Memphis and Main BBQ owners say since they announced they would be closing, they’ve  been contacted by several people interested in taking over the restaurant. They are currently attempting to work something out.

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