Boonville may get millions, but Newburgh could see just six.

We told you Tuesday about a proposed plant in Warrick County that could bring a massive egg processing operation to the county seat. Now Newburgh is looking into chicken farms, but on a much smaller scale.

A home in the historic town is going down on the farm. The Marx family, with four fowls out back, is in a battle to keep their coop.

Newburgh passed an ordinance in 2013 that banned backyard chickens. Marx says he must have got his hens just before the ordinance passed.

Now the Town Council may repeal the law. Officials discussed criteria for an amendment to the ordinance, with town attorney Chris Wischer, which would remove the chicken restriction.

“There’s a definition in your ordinance of fowl, which includes turkeys,” Wischer said at the council meeting Wednesday night. “You may want to consider to the extent you’re going to apply this to chickens.”

Council president, Leanna Hughes says there may need to be a limitation on position from property lines, so chicken coops aren’t too close to neighbors.

“If you make a distance and a lot doesn’t comply, they just wouldn’t be permitted to have them,” Wischer added.

Despite some neighbor complaints about Marx’s coop, Town Council will draft an ordinance similar to Evansville’s which allows as many as six hens, but no rooster, and must not be any closer than 50 feet from the property line.

But it’s not that easy for Marx and his hens. There is another nugget to this chicken story.

“It’s come to light, it wasn’t just the chickens,” Hughes said to Marx at the council meeting.

Marx has an aquaponics fish and vegetable farm planted in his side yard. Large tanks are designed to keep fish, which fertilize a farm on top. However, Marx says it’s still under construction and hasn’t yet been used.

Town Council officials say more complaints have come about the fish farm, and the large tanks with a pole structure around it, than the chickens.

“I would think they are a bit of a nuisance,” says Town Manager, Christy Powell.

No decisions were made on the aquaponics at Wednesday’s meeting, but council leadership is in favor of allowing chickens.

Officials will discuss the ordinance at its November 9 meeting.