Newburgh picking up after tornado causes damage


NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT)- Tonadoes ripped through the Tri-State Saturday causing damage across two states.

The town of Newburgh and Henderson County are both cleaning up what’s left.

Chain saws wailing alongside wood chippers. The people of Newburgh are pitching in to put their town back together after a tornado ripped through downtown. Some people say they took shelter when they heard what was coming towards them but that didn’t keep them from worrying.

“Just wondering what the damage was going to be. How extensive it was going to be and whether anybody was going to be hurt,” one couple told Eyewitness News.

Others like John Leavitt say they slept through most of it. Getting up once to check the house.

“Got my flashlight and looked outside for any damage. At that time about 8:30 we didn’t see anything,” John Leavitt said.

And again after it was over.

“And I shown my light out on this tree and we saw the extent of the damage. And of course, we were without power,” Leavitt said.

Part of the tree in his yard broke off pulling down powerlines on the way to the ground. A lot of the damage just up the street from his home. With missing roofs, uprooted trees, and more powerline damage.

Crews on Jennings Street spent hours trying to get power poles up. Some of the damage on this street includes downed street lights and transformers. And this right here is part of a roof from a neighboring house. And if we get a little closer, that right there is a ceiling fan.

Leavitt says he’s seen damage from a few tornados most recently the one in Nashville.

“It looks like a bomb was dropped.”

He says it was much worse than what they’re seeing at home.

“Very minimal damage,” Leavitt said. “Comparing those two, we were very fortunate. Nobody got hurt.”

Although there’s some damage he says he’s happy it wasn’t worse.

“Some shingles blown off, the tree. All that stuff can be replaced and fixed. But a life? No,” Leavitt said.”To be still sucking air, this is great.”

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(This story was originally published on March 29, 2020)

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