Newburgh Sunrise Easter Service Canceled


It’s one time of the year that many families carry on a tradition of getting together for Easter sunrise service. However, a unique service won’t be taking place this year because there isn’t a pastor available to preach. Father Joe Ziliak has been giving a message at the Newburgh Lock & Dam for 25 years of the 44 years a service has been held there, but he has prior arrangements at another church, and couldn’t find anyone to take over for him at this Newburgh service.

He is saddened this year’s service won’t be taking place, and says he can recall the cold days as well as the very pleasant days.. even days that where rainy and snowy.  He says that people have been so good and so faithful in coming.  Not only would people sit on chairs, but also stand around outside and sing and listen well to the word of God.

        This particular sunrise service was unique. Father Joe says that many of the same people came year after year after year. They would bring their children and then grandchildren, making it a real tradition for many many families.

So many families will have to find a new place for their sunrise service this year where they may ask themselves, “what does easter mean to me?” For Father Joe, he says Easter is a celebration of life. Where life and goodness conquers evil, and to never give up and to have hope. Father Joe says he hopes that someone can step up next year to take over, and maybe, step up this Sunday to give the sunrise service message.
    Joe bird, eyewitness news.

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