An Evansville teen born with Trisomy 13, who has chronic heart failure and has gone through much more than any person should ever endure, finally got a day to spend doing what she loves. Which was shopping. 

We first introduced you to Hannah in July when she asked people to send cards for her birthday. 

She received more than 1,000, some even from Canada. 

Saturday, Make-A-Wish made her dream come true at her favorite place, Walmart. 

“You name it, she got it today,” said Hannah’s mom, Melissa Windell. 

Strong and brave are words that barely begin to describe 15-year-old Hannah. 

Most with her condition don’t live through the first two weeks of life, but she did. And Saturday was well deserved and all about her.  

“Hannah has had a very busy day thanks to Make-A-Wish,” said Windell. 

But this wish wasn’t like the others. 

“A long trip or anything like that wouldn’t be in the cards for her,” said Windell. 

So, Hannah wished for a shopping spree In the Newburgh Walmart. 

“It’s your day,” Windell told Hannah. 

From pajamas, baking supplies and lots of toys, Hannah got it all. What was once a wish finally coming true for her. 

And in a store full of many things and many people, for a few hours Hannah was the only one that mattered. 

Front End Supervisor Cory Ytzen and his family hand making a sign and balloons that were placed on the register as Hannah checked out. 

Walmart employees also gave Hannah a gift basket and cupcakes as a ‘Thank You’ for choosing their store. 

“It makes me feel empowered that the company is able to do this for people in our community,” said store manager Ashley Wagenbrenner. 

The wish seeming so simple to many, but to Hannah it was the best. Making everything she’s been through seem to fade away for just a little bit. 

“It was the best day wasn’t it?” Windell asked Hannah. 

(This article was originally published March 3, 2018)