NEWBURGH, Ind. (WEHT) – Lights, music, and hot cocoa. The Newburgh Winterlights are in full force.
Along the Rivertown trail, across the Red Bridge, and through the woods. Thousands of lights are strung throughout for a holiday-themed stroll.

“We did it last year starting, you know Covid was really a big thing last year,” said Troy Wells with the Historic Newburgh Inc. “And so we wanted something to have people be able to get out of the house where they can socially distance and have a great time, enjoy family time.”

Last year was a huge success, so it’s back for more in 2021 with double the amount of lights, with the Historic Newburgh Incorporated partnered with Mistletoe and Ivy to make the magic happen.

“They spent two days with multiple employees here,” added Wells. “They worked probably 12 hours a day to get the lights going, so it was a long process for them to do it.”

The trail is a great place for a photo op, or just to spend time with friends and family.

“It’s awesome!” said Denise Porter of Newburgh. “Some friends I haven’t seen for a while, we all met up and came out here and walked around. It’s the perfect night.”

Tickets are $5 each and free for children under 3. Proceeds from ticket sales benefit the non-profit Historic Newburgh Incorporated, which helps with upkeep and beautification of downtown Newburgh, as well as assisting merchants in the area.

The Newburgh Winterlights are open from 6-9pm through Sunday, December 12.