A possible riot at the Vanderburgh County Jail is averted and nine inmates could now be spending more time behind bars.

The incident happened last week. Sheriff Dave Wedding says nine inmates in a housing unit started kicking doors and banging on the windows.

When the inmates refused to quiet down and got louder, a cell extraction team was formed.

A group of correctional officers put on protective gear and entered the cell which had mattresses and sheets across the doors and windows.

Correctional officers tried to talk the inmates into coming out, but they refused. So the extraction team went in firing pepper balls.

After about an hour, all the inmates were removed and officers only had scrapes and bruises.

Sheriff Wedding says it could have been much worse.

“They were yelling, screaming, and they start violently kicking on our doors and pounding on the windows and these were nine people in a housing unit of about 70 people or so. Sometimes that can incite other people to follow their lead so we could’ve had bigger problems,” says Sheriff Dave Wedding.

Eyewitness News reported on several of the inmates involved, including Kededrique Boyd. He’s the man authorities say threw a puppy off a balcony and recorded it.

Sheriff Wedding says all nine inmates are now in separate jail cells.

Original Story 

Nine inmates are facing additional charges after reportedly causing a disturbance at the Vanderburgh County Jail.

The charges include several felonies such as aiding, inducing or causing bodily injury to a public safety officer; resisting law enforcement; and rioting.

The inmates that have been charged are: Brendan Scott Cooper, Cory Allen Pierce, Javon Lamark Burton, John Ezra Wallace, Kededrique Alexandria Boyd, Kyndrick Deiontay Hancock, Robert Lee Henderson Jr., Seth Matthew Wrinkles, and Stanley Morgan Jr.,  

Eyewitness News is gathering more information on what happened. This story will be updated.