No Masks Allowed


On Halloween night, there will be a lot of people in costumes out and about. But before you walk into some businesses all dressed up, you better read the signs on their doors.

Halloween is a day for dressing up and a day to transform into something you are not. Masks are one way of doing so but not everywhere welcomes these masks.

Businesses like Trocadero in Henderson have posted signs on their doors letting people know masks aren’t allowed.

“The other customers they might not feel comfortable with it or maybe even other employees,” said Trocadero Employee Lisa Irwin.

But it’s not just gas stations and stores that are refusing masked people. Heritage Federal Credit Union also has a similar policy.

“We don’t allow folks to wear head gear in or masks or any type of outfit  like that,” said HFCU Chief Marketing Officer Steve Bugg.

Although it is Halloween, banks and stores still need to protect their business and customers.

“If a member were to walk in with a costume or mask on and they were to walk by a group  of other members, members would probably ask them to leave or take the mask off or remove that costume,” said Bugg

So before you walk into a place of business on Halloween night you might want to get out of character first.

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