North Park businesses try to normalize after boil advisory


EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WEHT) – Within about a week, the construction project on First Avenue in Evansville turned into a nightmare for some business owners. From a water main break, to a shut off, to a boil advisory. Many businesses had to close for several days.

Brent Counts, the owner of Blenderz on First Avenue, said “well just with the initial boil advisory we opted to close. The machines I use just run off tap water, pre-mixing. We thought we could make it 48 hours when they said 48 hours. When I realized there was no, what I considered, an end in sight on the boil advisory, we went ahead and opened back up and we’re just using bottled water because we don’t have a stove here, we don’t have a microwave. So I’ve just got to bring in water.”

A worker at Dean Family Dental Practice said they even had to cancel dozens of appointments.

“We all of a sudden stopped having water pressure on Wednesday afternoon and didn’t know anything about it and I vaguely started hearing something about it on the radio and then by lunch time we didn’t have any water at all. So that’s when we heard about the shut down and that they had to turn the water off. So we had to cancel all of our afternoon patients and then for the rest of the week out of abundance of caution because of the boil advisory,” said Joanna Cokley.

Counts says the water issues weren’t the only problem he had. During the project, a power surge blew all of his led lights, so now the ice cream shop is having to close early due to the darkness. He said his business lost more than $10,000 in repairs and from loss of revenue.

“It’s just been a nightmare the whole way for a small business owner,” added Counts.

After five days, both businesses say they are slowly trying to get back to running like normal.

“We are back and we have, you know, the water system. As far as I know it’s just they’ve said it’s been good here and other than just having to reschedule a bunch of patients, yeah we’re back in full force,” added Cokley.

The ESWU said that the boil advisory has been lifted as of Monday, October 18 after two consecutive days of clean test results.

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